We are convinced that the most sustainable way to consume is to invest in quality products, which will get more beautiful with time, and with which the owner develops an emotional relationship.

This conviction has led us to select only natural leathers that get a beautiful and personal patina over time.

This page shows products worn and used by our customers and the effect of time and use on them.

Valéry’s Natural Vegetable Leather Passport Holder, before and after 2 years and a half of use.
This passport holder has been travelling a lot with Valéry, especially to Cambodia where he goes several times a year.

Robin’s Gold Baranil A5 Notebook Cover before and after 3 years of use.
This notebook cover is used everyday to write down any important note or idea.

Robin’s Natural Vegetable Leather Notebook Cover, before and after 1 year and a half of use.
After spending 6 months stored on some shelves, this notebook cover has been since used everyday in our store to show the interesting patina our leathers develop over time.

Pierre-Antoine’s Gold Baranil Large Cardholder, before and after 1 year of use,
during which it never left Pierre-Antoine’s denim pockets.

Matthieu’s Gold Baranil Half-Zip Wallet, before and after 10 months of use.
Matthieu uses it everyday and carries it in its jacket’s pocket or in a bag.