Laperruque is an artisanal leather goods workshop crafting functional, minimalist and sustainable objects.

There is beauty in an everyday object that you have been carrying for a long time, that developed a unique patina, and whose apparent simplicity hides a true sense of refinement and quality.

It was with the aim of creating such objects that we opened our workshop, acquiring and developing our own artisanal savoir-faire, and thereby questioning the way objects are produced and consumed in today’s world.

All the Laperruque’s objects are handmade in our Parisian workshop. They are designed to be functional and timeless, and our leathers are handpicked for their softness, strength and for their ability to age beautifully. We use traditional French luxury techniques in order to marry refinement and durability.

We are specifically inspired by modernism’s functional shapes, by the common sense of vernacular design, and by the spontaneity of folk art.

Laperruque was created by Robin Hureau and Robin Nozay in 2015.


Our objects are handcrafted in full transparency at our own workshop, located at the back of our shop in Paris.

We are equipped with cutting edge tools as well as century-old machines, but most of the job is carefully done by hand.

Our craftsmen work on small batches and participate in all the different steps of the making of an object, which ensures quality all along the production line.

We regularly organize public workshops to discover the leather goods making techniques we use and to share our experience and passion for craftsmanship.


Robin Hureau – co-founder of Laperruque – is a leather craftsman and has learned from a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” laureate. Our objects are all made by him or under his direct supervision, using techniques inherited from the tradition of French luxury leather goods making.

It is a complex mix of details that can make an object both of extreme quality and overwhelmingly simple.

As an example, all our objects are lined using goat leather or suede calf leather in order to be as beautiful outside as inside, and some invisible interlinings are used when needed. The leather is always cut rough and the edges are meticulously hand-prepared and hand-painted.

Instead of creating a whole new collection every season, our offer evolves progressively, allowing us to keep refining our objects, adjusting every little detail one at the time and aiming for perfection.


Our leather originates from the valorisation of the food industry’s by-products, mostly from French and European origins.

They are processed by renowned French and international tanneries, which belong to – and work with – the most prestigious Parisian luxury houses. All are committed to strict social and environmental policies.

Most of our leather has been vegetable tanned, which means only vegetable extracts have been used in the process of making the leather.

We also use leather from luxury houses’ unused stocks, allowing us to give a second chance to these exceptional materials.


We are convinced that a mindful consumption is key to better respect the environment. Our first aim is therefore to make sustainable objects, which are designed to be used and appreciated for years.

It is following this approach that our design always remains simple, and that we are only using leathers that get a beautiful patina overtime.

Being a by-product from the local food industry, leather has also exceptional characteristics which are still making it the most sustainable material. The French and European origin of the leather we use means they were made respecting the highest social and environmental standards.

Our production is kept local as our objects are all directly handcrafted in our Parisian workshop.

To make the most of your Laperruque objects, we would be happy to repair and recondition any object that would need such attention, without any limit on warranty.