Formal Belt
Natural Vegetable Leather and Silver Buckle


Dear Customers,
Following an article on the week-end edition of the Wall Street Journal released the 19th of November, we received an exceptional amount of formal belt orders, which will keep our workshop very busy for the next following weeks.
Given these exceptional circumstances, we are forced to announce that the delivery before the end-of-year festive season of any formal belt order made after the 23rd of November is not guaranteed.
If you make an order, we will make everything possible to deliver on time, even if it means paying ourselves an express delivery service if needed, but unfortunately this is not something that we can guarantee.
If you are looking for a present to offer and are not ready to take the risk of not being delivered on time, I invite you to browse the rest of our online catalog, specifically our casual belts, for which an immediate delivery is possible.
We are so sorry to do that, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Best regards,
Robin Nozay
Laperruque Co-founder

This lined, reinforced and stitched belt is made in our finest leathers. The stitching all around the strap and the nubuck lining make it a chic and classical piece, which should follow you for the years to come.

Handcrafted in our workshop located in Paris, France.

available leathers

• Natural Vegetable leather : full grain leather from the belgian tannery masure. thanks to the vegetable tanning process, without chemicals, the leather will take on a patina and will get darker through use and sunshine until it acquires a unique hazelnut shade.

• Nubuck leather lining.

• Made in Italy brass buckle

• Height : 3cm, 5 holes
• Made in Italy round buckle

• Handpainted edges, finished with beeswax

• 75cm : denim size 26
• 80cm : denim size 28
• 85cm : denim size 30
• 90cm : denim size 32
• 95cm : denim size 34
• 100cm : denim size 36
• 105cm : denim size 38
• 110cm : denim size 40
• 115cm : denim size 42


We use La Poste when shipping to international customers. The delivery time is from 2 to 10 days depending on which country you are ordering from.

Shipping Costs
Here are our different freight costs. We offer free shipping for any EU country when not on sale, during the sale season the shipping is 6€ for EU countries. For the rest of the world shipping is between 10 and 20€.

France – Free shipping when not on sale, 4€ during the sale season
Other EU countries –Free shipping when not on sale, 6€ during the sale season
Rest of the world – 10 € for small leather goods, 20€ for bags

Returns and Exchanges
Our returns guarantee entitles you to return the product for any reason within 14 days of having received it.

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